How To Upload Your Photos

Well if you've found your way here, I guess I owe you an apology. When I set this site up I transferred my knowledge to anyone that would be using this site. I just hadn't thought it through from a users perspective, hopefully this article will rectify that and make it clear what, and how to upload.

To display photos on this site you need a photo of 1000 x (about) 665 pixels and with about a weight of 200/300KBs. So you'll probably have to use a photo editor of some sort. If you can't but still want to do all this your self, email the pic to me and I'll resize it and send it back to you.

Unfortunately you can't upload your raw camera photos as a 4 meg photos would take a 30 seconds to draw on the screen, that's not too bad I hear you shout. Well no, but if 10 of you do 1 photo each at that size the screen then take 6 minutes to redraw.

How did I get round that? Well I made two folders, the first is called photos, inside that is a folder called "fullsize". So inside Photos are the pictures that display on the screen, then the link to the full size photo for downloading is in the folder "fullsize".

OK, so make your self a login, then a new menu button shows up called upload your pictures. 

If you also want to make the full size image available for downloading you'll have to email it to me, I'll upload it and make the relevant link in your article.

I hope I've been clear enough here, I'm hopeless at explaining stuff.

here is a picture of what you'll see and how to use it: