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Hello All,

Let me tell you about this site and how to use it. I've built this site as a showcase for Lee & Jeanna's 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.

It's a place where you can visit and look at the photos that were taken on the night, hopefully not just mine, but any photos that got taken, or videos even, (I saw some of you using phones to make videos, if you can't work out how to load them on the site, email me). You can download the high rez pictures if you wish by using the download link on each picture, then get them printed at High Street photo booths. If any of you need help with this, please ask me.

The site its self is a clever bit of engineering, all the photos are on the home page, they only load when they need to, if you know what you want you can use the filter categories on the left side. If you pull your browser across your screen the whole thing is dynamic and will adjust to the new size, very neat.

If you notice odd bits at the side, or things not all there, adjust your browser size, make it a bit bigger, or smaller and it should put it right.

All of the photos are more or less untouched, normally I would crop them, but these stand up un-cropped as there is so much going on in the background.

There are two comment engines, one is local to this site, the other is FaceBook (see below) so if you haven't got an FB account, no problem, just use the site system, but remember this site is public and I'm not going to vet the comments.

For those of you that want to link in with FaceBook I've made a special FB page for Lee & Jeanna, you can find it here, or just follow some of the links you'll find throughout the site. Anything you write on the FB page gets put on to this site by robots, (if you don't know, don't ask).

To upload your own pictures click here:

I hope you like visiting and using this site,

Regards, Lou

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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